Perestrella Handcraft


Hello and welcome to Perestrella Handcraft - handmade products for babies and mamas

How did I start?
Well, I was taking a Phd in Archaeology in Portugal, my home country, and then I moved to Amsterdam in 2011 with my husband. After a while my mother in law gave me a sewing machine and then I remembered my childhood when I made rag dolls and clothes for them in the houses of my grandmother Lena and my great-grandmother Carolina, memories that I hold in great regard. I started trying to do some things to offer to friends and family, reading some books and learning more about sewing on the Internet.

After a while the family grew (I have a lovely boy now with 18 moths), and I fell in love with making accessories for babies. In 2014, with the support of my husband, I decided to go forward with this business, so I register it and opened my online store.

I seek that all my products are a reflection of the quality of the materials I use - mostly 100% cotton - and the amount of time I spend making every item for sale. The fact that they are 'handmade' means, for me, that they are made with lots of love and care and great attention to detail.

Hope you enjoy ツ
Carolina Mendonça


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